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Organic Mosquito Control in Seekonk for Healthy Families and a Healthy Planet

When it comes to spending time outside during the hot months, Seekonk is one of the finest counties in the country for taking in the splendor of nature. From quiet outdoor dinners with family to wild cookouts with the whole gang, nothing can spoil the feeling of spending time with the people you love outdoors.

Nothing, that is, except for annoying and harmful mosquitoes. Their buzzing and biting is enough to drive a monk bonkers. And that’s nothing to say of the various harmful viruses and illnesses they carry, like the dangerous Zika virus.

And yet it seems like the only way to rid yourself of these irritating pests is to use harmful chemicals that aren’t designed for tiny humans or the planet they live in.

But there is an alternative to harmful insecticides like DEET! When you want to give your children the best treatment and ensure the beauty of nature is preserved, choose Mosquito Mafia for all natural mosquito control. Our anti-mosquito spray for garden and yard is applied once every 14 to 17 days, keeping mosquito adults away and stopping the reproduction cycle.

Most Effective Natural Insect Repellent in the State

Our Mosquito Mafia secret formula uses a combination of essential oils and other organic mosquito control methods to keep the bugs buzzing elsewhere while you enjoy the great outdoors. While anyone can become a mosquito exterminator and spray toxic elements into the air, only skill and experience can develop the most effective natural insect repellent. That’s a natural mosquito control method you can feel good about!

Affordable for The Planet and Your Wallet

Is it possible to put a price on comfort and health? Perhaps not, but scheduling biweekly anti-mosquito spray for garden and yard with Mosquito Mafia is as good as any. And you’ll be amazed at how affordable our pest control services can be, with flexible rates depending on the services provided.

No Harmful Chemicals

Many people in the area suffer from sensitivities to various chemicals such as fragrances and pesticides. Well, our natural and organic mosquito control methods use combined technologies and traditional remedies to both interrupt the mosquito egg laying and to prevent them from hanging out in your yard. This combined approach of nature and science ensures the best comfort for you when you’re kicking back at the pool or playing badminton with the kids in the backyard. And there’s additional peace of mind knowing that our sprays won’t hurt the birds and the bees, unlike those of our competitors!

So if you’re looking for an all-natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional pest and mosquito control, skip the foggers and call Mosquito Mafia. We’re happy to explain how our approach is the best around for both you and the planet. Call us before summer comes!

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