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Special Event Spraying

Your barbecue, family reunion birthday party, wedding, graduation party or any other outdoor event can be bite free!

Say goodbye to insect repellents and citronella candles and say hello to PEACE OF MIND.

About 24-48 hours before your event, a Mosquito Mafia technician will inspect and treat your event location with a barrier application that will:

  • Kill ticks, stink bugs and other dangerous and annoying pest
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce the number of mosquitos and biting/stinging insects that might otherwise hover around food and guests.

No odor or visible residue

Dries in 30 minutes

No Contamination

Our barrier application will be applied long before food and dinner ware arrive, so there no opportunity for contamination.

Enjoy the moment Stress Free

Enjoy protection all day and night through your entire event, LESS STRESS.

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